Matt Harper


Draka is a two player monster brawling game set in a fully destructible Soviet city. The game was created by myself and two teammates, Justus Bloy and Jordon Duncan, over a three month period. My duties included: creating a destruction simulation system, level scripting, AI, shaders, post effects, particles and optimization - including a physics management system and object pooling to keep smooth performance with many dynamic objects on screen. You can download the game here (requires 2 controllers to play).

Cosmic Vortex

This is a prototype of an old-school tube shooter. The levels and level transitions are created procedurally at runtime based on input textures. Music is Odyssée by Tommy.

Nuclear Bunny Blast

Nuclear Bunny Blast is a wave based arena battle game. The player is equipped with a whip which is cast by pressing the left mouse button, the power of the swing and length of the whip are dependent on how fast the player swings the mouse. The game was made as a school project with myself as the programmer, Justus Bloy and Bernardo Lopez on art and Tyson Sawatzki as sound designer.

Two Player Breakout

I made this game during a 24 hour Breakout themed game jam. It was written in AS3 and uses the Nape physics engine. The physics allowed for some pretty cool effects like putting spin on the ball and doing curve shots.

Traditional Art

Some character sketches and life drawing.